“Crash” (Movie As Spiritual Teacher)

Some movies function as spiritual guides, plain and simple. It’s rare, but it happens. I’m gonna take you back some nine years ago, when in 2006 “Crash” won the Academy Award for Best Movie. I watched it again, the other night; and if I ran the universe it would be mandatory viewing for everyone. It’s especially useful for anyone who thinks they have a clear idea of what racism is. Or anyone who thinks they know who cops are, who African Americans are, where people with scary tattoos have been and why, what “good people” do, what “bad people” do. Whatever you think you know, you don’t. Trust me.

This movie did for me what all great spiritual teachings do–it led me right into the heart of uncertainty, where all my familiar touchstones are gone, and I have no idea which way is up. It helped me give way to humility. I had to bow my head and realize that life is infinitely more complex than however I perceived it to be.

This movie points to the importance of remembering that all human beings (all human beings) are…human. And that means there are many precious treasures lie buried deep inside the coarse, fearsome shields we all wear. Shields and treasures equally weighted. We just have to decide where we put our hearts. Do yourselves a favor and Netflix this movie. Here’s the trailer: