Sandy Gave Me New Days, One At A Time.

In one sense, it’s Day 9 without power, heat, lights, etc. 30 degrees, with another big storm on the way. I’m blessed because we have somewhere to stay (my mother-in-law’s) where there are all these beautiful luxuries. But there has been a part of me that is continually disappointed every day the power hadn’t yet been restored to My house.

Two days ago, I stopped waiting. I decided this is my life, this is the shape of it, and it will be this way forever, so start living it. Because I’m no longer in the “waiting” state of mind, nothing is a disappointment. Every day is a new animal. I wake up now each morning with a kind of happy curiosity. “What’s today gonna bring? What will I discover about how to live in these particular conditions? What can I do that’s new, as opposed to falling into my same habitual patterns?” The Nor-Easter that’s coming isn’t bad or good. It’s a neutral event. It just is. What’s that like? How will we prepare for, and navigate through it?

Living with questions is a lot more interesting and engaging than living with what we think are the answers.