So Psyched. I’m At Omega Institute

So psyched. I’m at Omega Institute, participating in an incredible Byron Katie weekend, minding my own business, moseying over to the dining hall, when…what’s that over there? a flying trapeze set up?! I asked about it and sure enough—LESSONS! So. Today I went flying on a trapeze. I’d always wanted to do this (in the back of my mind), but never thought the opportunity would come to me so easily. I was the first one up. Climbed the ladder with no problem, but when I got up there, I so did not want to continue. No part of me. Jesus, that’s high up. But there was no way out, so had to follow through. Hooking your legs over that bar is much harder than it looks, by the way. I thought I’d be WOO-HOOOOOing on my first time flying, but it was just PleaseDearGodLetMeNotDieJustYet. Second time went much better.

But on my third time up, I completed a CATCH (or rather, managed to get myself into position so I could BE caught). It was my third time up, but the first time try for the catch. Terrifying, exhilarating, and thrilling. Kudos to Peter Gold and his cohorts at .

Slowly working my way through the long bucket list. :-)