Gratitude. Day 5. Remember The Peacemakers Too.

It’s Memorial Day today, and I’m thinking of all the freedoms I take for granted, freedoms bought with so many precious human lives. I honor the men and women who have sacrificed life, limb, and very often sanity, so that I can practice Buddhism or Wicca or Catholicism or Judaism or Christian Science…so that I can gather with others in peaceful protest…Actually, here is the full list: the Bill of Rights: Facebook is full of heart-rending photographs that remind us what this day is all about.

But as we remember those who have perished in wars that secured our freedoms, let us also remember the countless men and women who (living and dead) have fought for peace, and sometimes paid an equally high price. Gandhi, MLK, and recently I’ve come to learn about Ms Leymah Gbowee (Nobel Peace prize recipient for 2011). But there are millions of others, anonymous and steadfast, who have put their entire lives on the line, day after day in a nonviolent way, for peace.

Namaste to all of them. The military, the peace activists, anyone lost and trying to find their way in a violent world. May all sentient beings possess happiness, and the cause of happiness. Today, I am grateful for everyone, anyone, who has tried to make this world a better place.