Gratitude Project, Day 1. Bad Art.

Today on Facebook, I just learned about a woman (a photographer) who decided to take a picture every day, for 365 days, of something she was grateful for. It changed her life. I imagine it will also change mine, now that I’ve heard of it. And I’m starting from a baseline of pretty amazing happiness. But there’s so much room for improvement. Even in this lovely part of my life right now, I know I’m breezing through the days in a state of relative unconsciousness. It’s like, “Wheee, I can coast for a while. Everything’s going great.”

Funny how we do a lot of our most potent spiritual work when we’re at the bottom, or during a terrible crisis. When really, every moment of every single day is the exact moment to be opening the heart, receiving the incredible bounty of the world.

So, today I begin. (Laughing at the little organizer in me that’s saying “Don’t you want to start on a calendar day that begins with a 1? Like maybe June 1st or something?” No. I want to start now, today. I want to begin this gratitude project immediately. It may be photos, or drawings, or writing or songs or just instrumental music. But every day, I’m putting something out into the world, in exchange for the ridiculous blessing it is for me to be part of it.

Today? Gratitude for my new friend, actress and singer/songwriter, Sarah Aili, and when we recently did Bad Art together. Bad Art is a game where you get craft supplies and you have to create something truly awful. The minute you catch yourself trying to make it look “right” or “cool,” you are required f*&k it up. Great for people with perfectionism problems. Anyway, here is my masterpiece from that day: a pirate ship (notice the skull & cross bones sticking its tongue out at the world?)