Lately I’ve Been Digging Myself Out Of A Christmas Hole.

Lately I’ve been digging myself out of a Christmas hole. I’ve been sour and negative, judging everything and everyone, while trying to smooth my face over with good make up and an intentional smile. It fools no one. But today, my daughter decided she’d had enough and she brought me to the gym and invited me to enjoy the steam bath.

As I sat there, letting all the toxins trickle away, it dawned on me: there isn’t a soul on earth who is perfect. Least of all me. I can quit trying now. I can quit wishing everyone else were the way I want them to be. I can just enjoy my quirky, gifted, smart, puzzling, beautiful family, and myself, with all my unique ways of going about things—and it can all be good. Such a world fell off my shoulders. I wish that for everyone. Today and always.

Happy holidays, my friends.