Right Speech, Day One

A lie, on the phone to the receptionist at my nutritionist’s office. I was changing the appointment for the third time. I didn’t want to look completely flaky, so I told her that I’d forgotten to sync my phone with my computer, and that when I did, I noticed a conflict. The truth? I had known the conflict was there all along, and just figured I could get the other appointment moved over. The one involving someone traveling from across the country for the appointment. Really? So…you know, reality check. I called and changed it again and told the lie.

Such harmless business going on, but very interesting to start noticing the number of lies, exaggerations, etc. that go on in the normal course of events.

What this whole exercise is teaching me is not Right Speech, but compassion. Because it’s clear it would take the whole rest of my life to even make a small dent in the quality of my speech. But if I can be aware of it, notice it, and feel compassion for the one who’s at least moving toward spiritual development, then we’re starting to have some traction.