"Single Doesn't Suck" Party

My daughter and her friend had a “Single Doesn’t Suck” party, which I think is a great way to celebrate this romance-manic, commerce-frantic holiday. I am so proud of them. You go, girls. Single doesn’t suck. And it made me think. We are all moving around in this world with our bodies, singled or paired, or otherwise—looking for and finding, with varying degrees of success, a sense of wellbeing. We develop our spiritual bones, work our emotional muscles, live our lives. We are all somewhere on the human continuum, and my guess is we all need love and fulfillment. And if we really felt it, we would behave the way we wish everyone would. Full of compassion and generosity. Expansive and joyful. So I wish this love for everyone today. Everyone. My whole entire family. My friends. Joni Mitchell. The guy I saw yesterday in a doorway, buried ineffectively from the cold in a filthy blanket. Barack Obama. The man who picked up my credit card on the train and said “Is this yours?” My librarian. Sarah Palin. Everyone working for Planned Parenthood. The woman who bumped into my car with hers and drove off. The people at my bank that I see and never know their names or what matters to them. Rush Limbaugh. Everyone at NPR. Everyone at PBS. Glenn Beck. The pharmacist at Raindew. The guy who delivers my mail. All dogs. All animals everywhere. Drug dealers. Doctors without borders. Everyone in Egypt. Mubarak. Everyone in the United (?) States of America. Everyone on all continents. Everyone everywhere. Love. Love. And more love.