Soara-Joye Ross Made My Songwriting Life Worthwhile Last Night

Soara-Joye Ross made my songwriting life worthwhile last night, January 31, 2011. Here she is singing “Don’t Wanna Sing Hallelujah” at Joe’s Pub in New York City (wrote it a few months ago). Brian Whitted at the piano. The occasion was a benefit concert for ONE Healing Arts COMPANY.

Here are the lyrics to:
Don’t Wanna Sing Hallelujah

I ain’t singin’ halleluja anymore.
I don’t wanna sing it anymore.
Don’t really mean anything to anyone anyway, so.
I don’t wanna sing it anymore.

When you get to be an angel,they fit you with a robe
and a halo and the wings and all.
They tell you how to use ‘em (it’s in this tiny little book)
and then you sit and wait for the call.

I got put in charge of all these people.
They fall down on their knees and they pray.
They tell me all their troubles, and they ask me what to do
But they don’t hear a word I say.

I don’t wanna sing halleluja anymore.

I don’t wanna sing it anymore.
It’s just a big long word, and it don’t mean a thing,
so I ain’t singin’ it no more.

They don’t give you any preparation
for the unending muddy river of tears
from people whose insurmountable tragedy
is that they won’t get up and look in the mirror.

And of course, they don’t tell you what you’re up against.
So you try to make a difference, but you fail.
Cause your halo’s shortin’ out, and your wings are all tensed
and you’re fumbling in the dark for the grail.
So Halleluha, shmalleluha.
I ain’t singin’ it no more.
Gonna go have beers St. Peter.
and ask him what the hell it’s all for.

“It’s not about you,” he says to me.
“It’s not about do they hear you or not.
It’s about you shinin’ bright in the heavens
and lettin’ ‘em get whatever they got.”
The hallelujah you won’t sing

it’s gonna sing you anyway, somehow
it’s gonna get inside you, it’s gonna start to ride you
so you best get with it right now and

shinin’ bright in the heavens”
I unbuckle and wings and I
fly… shinin’ brighter than I ever knew how.
Peter looks at me and says
“Now you’re getting’ the idea, see
it’s never been about the halo and the wings.
It’s not about me.
it’s not even about you.
It’s just about this thing we got to do.

We got to sing:
Hallelujah for the trouble
Hallelujah for the grace
Hallelujah for the bad guys
who need to see this place.
Hallelujah for disaster.
Hallelujah for delight.
Hallelujah for the fucked up
way I feel sometimes at night.
Got a tiger by the tail
It don’t matter if I fail
if I’m singin’ hallelujah
it’s gonna get me outa jail
Hallelujah for forgiveness
Hallelujah I’m all right.
Hallelujah for this song of mine
I’m singin’ here tonight.

Don’t got to fix nobody’s life.
Just gotta keep on
shinin’ bright,