Private Yoga Sessions

When I work with you as a private yoga client, I am really tuning into you—your energy, physical capacity, and emotional state–creating a sequence uniquely suited to your needs, goals and desires. It’s a different set of “presence muscles” being used than in a group class. In the group, I am present with everyone as a whole, keeping my eye on each individual as best I can. But the sequence is what it is, so everyone moves through it and has whatever experience they have. In a private session, I am present with only you. The sequence springs out of where you’re at in the moment. It is shaped by your state of being and capacity, my skill and presence, and our combined wisdom.

In a private yoga session, the benefits are exponential. Your practice will deepen in a way you hadn’t imagined was possible. The testimonials on this website were all written by private clients. If you want to try it, call me (516-331-2332). We can have a conversation about your particular concerns and goals, and set up your first (free) appointment.

Group Classes

Yoga and Polarity Center
32 Church Street, Malverne, NY 11565

Starting June 1st, schedule will change to
Tuesday mornings 10:30-11:50am, and
Wednesday evenings 7:30-8:30pm

Mondays: Beginner's Yoga
Time: 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Cost: $15

Even if you’ve never driven BY a yoga studio, it will be a good class for you. This is a true beginner’s class. We have such a good time here. It's a wonderful, nonjudgmental, keepin-it-real group. There's no time like the present to start up a brand new, healthy relationship with yourself. Learn to breathe. Learn to access the effort and grace you already posses...and be cool with the idea that yours doesn't look like anybody else's.

Wednesdays: Beginner's Yoga
Time: 7:15pm to 8:15pm
Cost: $15

Same as the Monday class, except 15 minutes earlier (7:15pm). Possible neck rubs with essential oils, for those who want it, at the end of class in each of the Monday and Wednesday classes (depending on size of class).