November 18-24, 2017: THE PRESENCE PROJECT

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Holiday Seaons can be a little stressful. The New Moon is on November 18th. Good time to try new stuff.

Sign up here, and I'll show up in your inbox every morning from November 18th to the 24th, with a brief video pep talk on mindfulness for that day. It's fun, doesn't cost a thing, and (even though they're never mentioned) might give you a whole new perspective on the Holidays. Get on the list for a week of mindfulness games, starting November 18th.

Every Monday: Meditation Mondays, 7:00-8:30pm

Click here to register. Be sure to put "Monday Meditations" In the subject line, please type "Meditation Mondays," and in the body of the email, please include your phone number as well. The address and other info will be sent to you via email. Thank you!

The Long Island Dharmata Sangha is hosting Meditation Mondays. Given the state of the world, there's no better time to find peace within. We will open to the mind, watch it do its thing, and practice staying present, neither pushing it away nor clinging to it.

Each session will begin with a dharma talk (either from me or from recordings of other speakers I've discovered in my journey). Then we will sit for 30 minutes. Tea and light snacks will be available in between the talk and the meditation.

Where: Floral Park, NY (please register below for all relevant info)
When: Mondays from 7:00-8:30pm
Cost: $5 suggested donation, but please don't stay away for lack of funds. Just come.
Register: Click here to register, and for the address and all other necessary info.