Bite sized nourishment for the soul

The yoga poses you do in a class are the tiniest part of the real world of yoga. Staying mindful as you drive to work, or eat your dinner, or as you have a challenging conversation with your spouse--that's where the rubber meets the road in yoga. So check out these videos, and expand your idea of how you might 'do yoga' in your life.

YS: Sitting Still

There is immense power in just sitting where you sit. In refraining from trying to change and control everything around you. Learn to meditate, by starting here.

YS: Just Eat

This sounds very simple, but it's pretty hard to do until you practice. When you eat, just eat. Don't be reading, texting, nothing else. Give it a shot.

YS: Kayak Ride

It's only for a few minutes. Right from where you're sitting, you could take a kayak ride down the Mercer Slough near Seattle. Breathe in deep, breathe out slow.

YS: Feel Better Right Now

Use this simple reset right before an important meeting, or just before talking to your ex, or any time you need your wits about you. Try it.

YS: Waterfall

You don't sit by a stream and pick which drops of water you like, and which you don't. You just love watching the stream flow by. Meditation is the same.